Dear Friends of the “lost but not forgotten” Crown and Crumpet

How I miss you!!!

I miss my wonderful customers coming into the tearoom sharing stories and just having a lovely afternoon.

I would dearly love to open one day again (God Willing) but currently just can’t afford what the town of Lincoln require in regards to the parking restriction.

As you may already know I bought the place with the planning permission already in place only to be informed after I bought it that actually that planning permission was in fact null and void and thousands of dollars later and thousands of hours of stress later here we are….. not open, no income and facing another hurdle. 

So this Monday…. (day before my birthday - 50!)  , there is a public meeting at the town to stop me ever operating a business from here again. HOW UNFAIR!!!!

There are many other businesses in the town with no additional parking…

It is very very unfair!!! It is our home and our livelihood. 

This seems just so very unfair when I took the home and business on based on the fact that this was already an agreed plan. 

I brought people to the village from as far as USA, Pickering, Aurora, and some even farther!  I promoted local businesses and helped anywhere I could. 

I am going to fight for this not to be allowed. I am going to ask that the zoning be changed… 

Please can you come to the meeting and show the council that we really do want a tearoom in this lovely area. 

Most tearooms have closed down. 

We really do want to have the option to open again in the future and  having a tearoom is actually good for the town and enhances the experience of this beautiful village.

Please come!!!!

Meeting at Lincoln Chamber 

Monday april 13th 7pm. 





Come wearing your hats if you like! 

Please please support me….. Please bring your friends, family, acquaintances and anyone who will come!!!